Hello there, I'm Mirte. I'm a user experience designer, making digital and physical things in Amsterdam.

I've worked at different creative agencies and with in-house design teams, helping companies become digital businesses. Currently, I'm leading the user experience practice at WeTransfer. In 2016 we launched the new WeTransfer.com. We're taking WeTransfer places, most recently by introducing a new iOS app. There's more where that came from in 2017, get in touch to hear more.

Other projects I've been involved with include Al Jazeera America's first mobile apps, a perculiar questionnaire with Five Dials, a new Style Council experience over at MrPorter.com, a little app called Who's In, along with a couple of other things I can't include on here. I'm also known to take apart any gadget I get my hands on, something I probably picked up while writing my thesis at Parsons.

Find and get in touch with me here: twitter, linkedin.